How to see your most played songs on Spotify

How to See your Most Played Songs on Spotify?

Spotify is the world’s biggest music streaming platform. The popularity is due to various reasons. It provides features and functions to the audience that others can’t. Therefore many people prefer to use it instead of the other applications.
The algorithms and working of Spotify towers above the competitors. It has early releases of songs, the biggest artists in the world, all types of music and even podcasts to entertain the audience. The premium version offers even more and has different packages that can be even be used with family.
Spotify also lets us see the most played songs that we have on our application. Many people throughout different platforms are seen to be disclosing their top music or songs by uploading a list of them. This is relatively a newer feature that has been introduced by Spotify.
Many people inquire about how to see your most played songs on Spotify and to help them the following steps are to be followed:

Finding out your Most Played Songs on Spotify

To find out the number of Spotify streams that you have given to a song in your profile following procedure is followed:

  • First go to the browser on your mobile or computer and open it.
  • Open the Spotify stats website by typing in the box
  • It will direct you to the Spotify stats page where you will be asked to login to your Spotify profile in order to see your Spotify stats

Log into Spotify Stats

  • Login using your username and password or you can login directly using the Spotify application
  • After logging in you will see a lot of options and 2 dialogue boxes saying ‘top artists’ and ‘top songs’

How to see your most played songs on Spotify

  • Click on the top songs and it will show you your top songs in different spans of time. You can watch the top songs that you have listening to in the last 4 weeks, last six months and all the time you’ve been present on Spotify
  • The same can be done by clicking on top artists and it will you all the above mentioned stats

You can also access the Spotify wrapped directly through the Spotify application. To open it the following steps can help you:

  • Open the Spotify application on your device
  • You can open it by going to the folder that says your top songs (of the respective year)

How to See your Most Played Songs on Spotify?

  • Now open the playlist and you will be able to see the most listened song of the respective year.

However, there is no way you can watch the all-time top listened songs directly from the Spotify application. You can also see the songs that you have been listening to most recently. To find those songs you just have to navigate through Spotify and find the playlist ‘On repeat’. Here you will be provided with the songs that you have streamed recently the most. So, Spotify provides you a lot of data to track your stats on it.

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