Share YouTube videos on whatsapp

How to Send YouTube Videos on Whatsapp

This post will teach you how to send a video on youtube to WhatsApp, on WhatsApp Status, even without a link. The mentioned techniques are the most basic, and you won’t even need to install any additional software to accomplish this. These are also the most accurate methods for sharing YouTube videos on WhatsApp status on Android and iOS. One thing to keep in mind is WhatsApp’s video-sharing restriction of 16MB. It’s also worth noting that you can’t share a status update on WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp for Desktop. Aside from that, follow the instructions underneath to share Youtube clips on WhatsApp.

Search the Video on YouTubeSearch on youtube

Access YouTube on either Android or iOS and look for the clip you want to share.

Try searching for videos.

Select the “Share” Optionshare-youtube-video

Click the “Send” icon or function under the video you want to share, regardless of the platform. Following the selection of the share option, the following step will be to pick the location whereby the URL will be shared. You’ll need to select WhatsApp and follow the steps outlined below.

Determine The Recipient

When you pick WhatsApp, the app begins and provides your contact details or the recent activity of persons you have recently communicated with. You can find the receiver, whether it’s a single link or a group, and then click the “Send” button.

To upload a saved YouTube video, use the following method:

  • On the phone
  • Launch an individual or group conversation.
  • Select “Attach Plus” from the menu.

For Android, find the video in your phone’s library and use the “Add+” option to add multiple files at once. For iOS, you may utilize films from backup data, such as a PC, or you can drag and drop the video right into the text area. Finally, when you’ve uploaded the YouTube videos you want to share, click “Send” to send them to your chosen recipients. Sharing YouTube videos can help in increasing YouTube subscribers, hundreds of likes, and videos views.

Videos as link

Typically, the first approach outlined earlier on how to share a YouTube video on WhatsApp immediately as a text will allow you to transmit the video as a link. WhatsApp has a video player, and they may select to watch the video on WhatsApp or click the link to watch it on YouTube. This technique is advantageous since you will not have to save and distribute the video. It allows you to save material that you would like to download, upload, or transmit to your receivers. You cannot send or upload a Status while using WhatsApp Website or WhatsApp for Windows. You can only share a video clip as a private message as of now.

The methods are identical to the above-mentioned alternate technique of uploading Youtube clips on WhatsApp. Because mobile devices lack the ability to select the video duration and upload straight from the site, you must first download the video. Start downloading using a reputable and suggested program and continue as following on smartphones. You may also use your phone’s camera to capture the video.


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