How To Share Spotify On Instagram Story

How To Share Spotify On Instagram Story

If your friend doesn’t have premium access to Spotify, you need not worry. He can still listen and play his favorite songs through Instagram as well. In 2018, Spotify allied with Instagram to team up for integration. Special thanks to both networks to make access to the non-paid subscribers as well to play music. You may like, share, add to the playlist, and plays songs offline. The streaming additional facility increases the engagement.

You have seen many songs on Spotify are playing along with the short video clips to share on Instagram. Similarly, sharp images of few seconds are also played on the music service. Several artists allow you to integrate the song into an Instagram story; otherwise, it will upload only a cover photo of the song.

How to share Spotify songs to Instagram Story

This facility is available on both IOS and Android. If you are excited to use this fabulous feature, follow the step-by-step process to implement it. Previously, only cover pictures of the album or song could put on other social platforms.

You don’t need to take a screenshot of the favorite songs and share it with your friend. You can use a brilliant preview of the song that gives a direct link to find the exact song for others on Spotify.

To do this fantastic feature, you first will have to save in Spotify account and select the Instagram option to share it. That option leads you to a Social media app and where you can modify it before posting it to your story.

Step By Step Process using Album or Playlist

Open the Spotify premium account and choose the artist, album, or playlist you want to put into the story to share with your contact list, which may increase your followers on Spotify. A lot of bands and music companies offer singles with original video songs to publish on Instagram.

Select the Favorite Songs

The crucial step keeping in mind that looped check videos work precisely. Click on the song, and the mini clip will start.

Click on the Three Dots

When the video music is playing, click on the three dots locating in the upper right corner. It will take you to the following options.

Step 1 - How To Share Spotify On Instagram Story

Share Button

Scroll down the many options, and at the end, you will find the “Share” button on Spotify player both on IOS and android.

Tap share to share the spotify song

Instagram Story Step

This premium feature allows users to share the songs with other people. You can put it as a story on Instagram.

Select Instagram Stories from the list of sharing options


Share the spotify song on Instagram Story

Click on the share to Instagram story option. It will create the story.

Final Step

In the end, the selected song will display the song on the Instagram stories to show the friends or followers that will lead to more plays on your track or songs whatever you say.

Tap Share next to Your Story to share the Spotify song on Instagram


Benefits Of Putting Spotify Songs to Instagram Story

The big alliance with the social network, Instagram, has changed the user experience. Spotify has allowed non-Spotify users to listen to their favorite songs on other social media marketplaces. After announcing that unique features, non-Spotify users are pleased to listen to songs offline after getting free access to the friends’ account without any difficulty.

We encourage you to read our Spotify section for other helpful guides, tips, and tricks to enjoy the music and fun.

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