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How to stitch on TikTok?

TikTok is one of the most renowned social media names that always come with innovative ideas for users and creators. It always facilitates the users and influencers with unique features to bring creativity to their videos and make them more attractive. If you want to get TikTok likes, shares, and comments, it is essential to make videos on the latest trends. One of the most unique features of TikTok that is more in demand these days is stitching. There are many people who don’t know how to stitch on TikTok and how it helps to increase the TikTok video views count. Let’s look at the exact way of stitching on TikTok and its benefits as well.

TikTok is the name of doing something interesting or thrilling with your videos to get the attention of your fans, new features benefit the users a lot and as a result, their TikTok followers increase. Same is the case with the latest feature stitching. Stitch means to use the different scenes from another’s video in your own way. It is a bit different from the duet feature. You can post the part of another video for only a maximum of 5 seconds that helps your followers to get on your point of view before moving towards the main point.


It is the best way of collaborating with other creators; hence, it helps build a good relationship with other creators. It allows the creators to be more creative and you can easily credit the original author as well. The most popular stitched videos on TikTok are Kaby’s videos that take hacks from other videos and deconstruct them very interestingly. Moreover, it also enhances the Tiktok video views count and is the best way to get more followers.

The Best Way to Stitch on TikTok

It is not much tough to stitch on Tiktok; you will just need to follow the given steps.

  • First of all, open your TikTok page and find the video that you want to stitch.
  • Now on the screen, you will find an arrow representing the sharing of video, press this share icon.
  • After pressing it, you will find the menu and click on the stitch icon present.
  • If you find the problem in stitch, then it means the other user has not allowed the public to stitch his video.
  • Now, wait until it processes your required video.
  • After processing, a new page will open for you where you can edit your video by adding a 5-second video clip of the other video.
  • Remember, you can’t cut more than 5-second video from other video.
  • Now your recording screen will appear, record your video and make some edits to adjust that cut part into your video.
  • Now tap checkmark, you can add effects, voice, and other features as well to make it interesting for your Tik Tok viewers.
  • Give caption and title to your video and if you want others to stitch your video, then enable the stitch option and if you never want stitch from others, you can disable this function.
  • Now you can post your video to the public for comments and likes.
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