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How To Tag On YouTube Comments?

Tag is an element or sign that relates someone to the content. Its main purpose is to inform that person about that content. Through tag, we can enhance the traffic on YouTube content also. The symbol used as a tagging tool is “@”. This hack is used in the social media app for attracting someone to your content and for grabbing the attention of the crowd present on that account. It is used in many social media apps like Instagram, YouTube, and others. On YouTube, you can’t tag a person directly on your content, but you can tag him in your content’s comment section to grab him toward your content. Tagging people in your YouTube comments or having more and more comments on your videos is a great way to share your video with your friend and to increase the engagement on your videos respectively. Let’s have a look at how to tag some on YouTube comments.

Welcome To YouTube

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YouTube is the largest platform for viewers to share video content for information and entertainment. It is a reality the after making strong content, it is necessary to use some YouTube phrases or words for YouTube convenience. It makes it easy for YouTube to decide the category of content. You can use tags for self-referencing, such as a trip to Europe in 2021 or to inform your friend about your adventure trip. But unfortunately, you can’t use tags directly on YouTube comments. But for this, you can use the YouTube comments option. 

But before using this feature, keep in mind that you can only tag the person with an existing comment. You can generate a new comment for tagging as in Facebook. It is the easiest way to get more traffic and grab the attention of other people related to the content. On the largest platform of YouTube, you can easily share your content with your friends and invite them for more comments.

How To Tag YouTube Comments On A Mobile Phone?

If you are using a mobile device, you can use the YouTube tag on comments in this way;

  • Open your YouTube app and then login into your account.
  • Open the comment section of your video and navigate to the comment, where you want to reply.

How To Tag YouTube Comments On A Mobile Phone?

  • Now use the tag sign “@” on that comment and type your comment
  • After taping send it through sends button.

How To Tag YouTube Comments On A Mobile Phone?

  • That person while come to know via a notification about your reply.

Keep in mind that tagging feature doesn’t work longer for mobile device

How To Use The Tag On YouTube Comments By Using A Computer?

  • Open your browser and type there.
  • By clicking on search, the YouTube app will open now enter your account detail and open your profile.
  • Search YouTube videos where you want to tag someone.
  • Search for the comments related to that or the comment of the person you want to tag.
  • Now use the tag button and then type a reply or comment.
  • Post this reply by clicking on the reply option of the comment portion.

Noted: When you tag a person or any brand, you notify them to see your videos, and the name of that person will show in blue.

In addition to tagging someone in your comment, sometimes, you might want to share certain information through a link. For this, you can read our guide on how to hyperlink in YouTube comments easily.

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