How to Turn Instagram Views into TikTok Views?

How to Turn Instagram Views into TikTok Views?

TikTok is one of the excellent lip-syncing apps these days. Many people now spend their free time exploring TikTok videos or making content to grab the attention of the users. People want more TikTok followers for this reason they can use other social media apps.

10 Ways to Attract New Followers on TikTok

Instagram is one of them. It collaborates with TikTok so that users can share their content. Even you can turn Instagram views into TikTok views to create an inspirational effect on your audience.

To do so first, you have to authorize your TikTok account with Instagram. After that, you will be able to use Instagram to get famous on TikTok. You can do it by using the following steps.

Open TikTok and Edit your Profile

First, open your TikTok account and open the profile menu in the TikTok. Here you will find the option of edit profile. Click on it to proceed with the next step.

Now Add Instagram

After opening the edit profile menu, add Instagram to it. You have to add the login to get connected with Instagram. Now save your info and tap authorize.

Sharing Through TikTok

Once you log in and connect your Instagram account with TikTok, you can share plenty of stuff here. This is the best option to stay connected in both social media apps. When you make a video on TikTok and have to share it, you will get the option “Public tap on it and then click” who can view it”. You can get different options like WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. Hit on it to share your TikTok link on this platform.

How to Turn Instagram Views into TikTok Views?

Post on Instagram

When you click on Instagram, you get two options. Post or share. You can choose any option. Click on share and done. Now your post is live on Instagram too.

Similarly, you can use the option of viewing an Instagram post on Tiktok.

Point to Ponder

While sharing stuff on Instagram, you should keep in mind following things

  • First, save your TikTok video
  • Select the private option and then who can see the post
  • Go to “me” and click on TikTok post
  • Now tap three dots present on the right side of TikTok screen
  • Tap on download video
  • Now open Instagram and tap on the plus icon
  • Open the downloaded video and upload it
  • Edit the video, add captions, and done.

Benefits of Adding Views on TikTok

Benefits of Adding Views on TikTok

The statistical data define the popularity of the product. The same is the case if you have a lot of Instagram views and you share on TikTok your audience will get inspired. They want to watch your videos. If they are of high quality, then they will definitely share and recommend. In this way, you will get more TikTok followers.

Moreover, maximum ideas will provide a good number of TikTok likes. So, if you want to stay among your audience, then connect both social media apps and get popularity. Add interesting captions, use filters, and make quality videos to get fame through one of the most popular social media lip-syncing apps.

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