How to Turn off Likes and Dislikes on YouTube

How to Turn off Likes and Dislikes on YouTube?

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms since when it was created. It has millions of users all over the world. This is the most visited platform for all age groups of people. YouTube has multiple purposes which develop an interest in its users. The striking features of this app make it a user-friendly app. YouTube offers good opportunities for its users.

YouTube channel owners, apart from gaining likes, get subscribers, and shares on their videos which make them earn money from the platform. The YouTube channels with millions of subscribers get paid.

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As we discussed before, millions of users are using YouTube, so everyone has their own point of view, or we can say preferences while using it.

The main purpose of video creators is, they want to get lots of viewers to view the video, like it, and share it. Some people when uploading their videos, want to get likes on their YouTube videos.

They frequently check after a few minutes how many likes they got. But there are also some people who want to turn off the likes and dislikes on their content.

If we see from the viewer’s point of view, the question arises that why do they want it? The answer that comes to the viewer’s mind is those video creators have received so many dislikes for their content so that they want to hide the dislikes.

But if we talk from the perspective of the video creator, he/she said that sometimes her/his content receives a bundle of dislikes from people for no reason and that they cannot control it, so that is why they want to turn off the likes and dislikes. I shall tell you how we can turn off the likes and dislikes.

Method for Turning off Likes and Dislikes on YouTube

These are the steps that you have to follow for hiding your likes and dislikes on YouTube:

  • Go to the browser, open YouTube.
  • On the right top corner, click on the profile icon. A drop-down menu will appear.
  • Click on the “YouTube Studio” option.

Click on YouTube Studio

  • A page will appear, on the left, there are many options from where you need to click on the “Settings.”

Click On Youtube Studio Setting

  • A pop-up will open. On the left of this box, there are many options, you have to select the “Upload Defaults.”
  • Then the box opens, you will see two options, click on the “Advanced Setting.”
  • When scrolling down, you will see an option that says, “user can view rating for this video.”
  • Uncheck the blue tick on the check box on its side and Save to close the ratings for the video.

Turn off Likes Dislikes on YouTube Videos

  • In this way, you can hide the likes/dislikes on your videos.

This action will not display the count of likes and dislikes. People can still like and dislikes your videos, but only you can see them in your analytics option on YouTube.

In this way, the video creator can understand the worth and value of its content personally. He/she can improve the content by seeing the response from the viewers. 

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