How to Unhide a Song on Spotify?

Deleted your favorite songs from your Spotify account by mistake and now regretting this? Have you ever encountered a situation where you are unable to find songs on your Spotify account? This is common and nearly everyone has been through this situation. There is nothing to worry about. Songs on your Spotify account may be unhidden or unavailable. Even the downloads from your playlist may vanish. Relax, you can undo hidden or unavailable songs from your account easily. You can’t believe that you can recover your deleted song as well. sounds fantastic? But before that, you should know what are the reasons for a song or track to be unavailable on your account? The article will address the problem, “how to unhide a song on Spotify?”

What Are The Reasons For The Unavailability Of The Tracks on Spotify?

There may be multiple reasons for the unavailability of a song on Spotify. Some of them are discussed here.

  • There may be some issues with the stability of your internet connection.
  • The song you want to play may not be available in your area. Some songs are limited to a specific country. 
  • The track might have been removed from Spotify. Spotify filters out the spam content usually. 
  • Your Spotify account may not support your activities. You might be using other accounts. 
  • Songs may be removed by Spotify due to copy-right issues. 

Before you go ahead to resolve the issue you should better comprehend the reason for these issues. The problem will be solved when you know the real factor emerging from that problem.

How To Undo The Hidden Or Unavailable Songs?

Most probably when a song is unavailable on Spotify it is marked “hidden”. But you can access these hidden tracks and albums by changing the settings of your account.

If You Are Using Spotify On a Laptop/PC

If You Are Using Spotify On a Laptop/PC

  • Log in to your account by reaching out to the Spotify website from the search engine.
  • On the top left corner, you can see the home page. Click here to get into your profile. 
  • Click the gear icon showing up and go to the settings. 
  • You will see a display option here. Click it and enable “show unavailable songs in the playlist”. 
  • Go back to the main page. An icon named Hide/Unhide must be clicked by going through any of your playlists. You can now easily view all your songs.

If You Are Using Spotify On Your Mobile

If You Are Using Spotify On Your Mobile

  • Install the Spotify app on your phone. And log in to your account.
  • On the home page, you can see the gear button on the corner. Tap the button and go to visit its settings. 
  • Go to playback stings. Here, you will see an option; “show unplayable song”. Turn it on.
  • Save the changes by clicking on the button save changes. 
  • You can now go to any of your playlists and tap on the Hide/Unhide button on the top. The hidden songs will be visible to you. 

You can also recover the deleted songs from your Spotify account. You need to go to the settings and from here a dropdown list will appear by clicking on the list above. From here select the “recover playlists” features. All your songs will be recovered now.

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