Technology has advanced at an unanticipated rate over the last ten years. With a 5G network connection on the horizon, entertainment is all about how fast your connection is or how much high-quality broadcasting is available. Similar factors are present in YouTube, the world’s largest video network and service. The video’s quality has a significant impact on the number of views it receives on YouTube. The days of 1080p video streaming being quite satisfactory are long gone. Every YouTuber aspires to have HD content with a resolution of 1440 p or higher.

Reasons to Upload Videos on 1440p

Several particular reasons are there behind this. whenever you try to upload a video on 1080p on youtube, even at 1080p it loses its pixels and the display quality got worse. So for this particular reason people, are now moving towards better and higher resolution options where they can have better display options. There is no complex science in it. It’s basic psychology, you have two similar things available for free, and automatically you’ll prefer the one better than the other.

How to Use Video Editor at NCH

You must follow the steps below to update a 1440 p video to YouTube using NCH Video Editor.

  • NCH VideoPad Video Editor is to be installed first.
  • Make a new project and drag the desired video into the editor.
  • Add it to the Timeline by dragging it there.
  • Choose the Export option.
  • Select a Video File
  • Change the Preset setting to 1440p.
  • Take a long for the Output Queue to finish.
  • After that, go to YouTube.
  • Complete all of the requirements.
  • Upload The Video Once uploaded, the video will remain in 360p.
  • Hang tight 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Refresh the video
  • In 1440p, you can enjoy your material.

Fix of Da Vinci ResolveFix of da Vinci Resolve

Da Vinci Resolve: Every application, including Da Vinci Resolve, has steps that are similar to the ones listed above. Because the main goal of all of this is to transfer the video in 1440p. What anybody needs to do for Da Vinci Resolve is,

  • Setup the software
  • In the editor, drag and drop the video file you want to use.
  • Click the edits button.
  • Insert the video into the timeline.
  • At the bottom of the screen, press the Deliver button.
  • Choose Custom.
  • Set the picture quality to 1440p and the data format to MP4.
  • The last step is to transfer your clip and share it to YouTube.


The higher the quality of your YouTube clip, more the views and subscribers this would receive on YouTube. Humans always strive for the better. As a result, YouTubers must also stay updated and then provide the best pieces for their audiences. Best practices for producing high-quality visuals You can always post your video as mislabeled at first and then make it public once the high-resolution conversion is finished. The audience will hardly see your video in full resolution if you upload it as non–listed first and then publish it later. The viewer on youtube is only concerned about the display quality which should be good enough. For this purpose and for gaining a maximum number of views, videos on youtube must be uploaded in 1440p quality.