Spotify is concerned with the promotion of rising talents as well. Today, Spotify has multiple users worldwide. Most of them know Spotify as a site that provides you access to millions of songs, audio, and video streamingIt has free browse and search services. You can relish music of your own choice on Spotify. But many people wonder, “Can they upload their album using Spotify”? you will be pleased to hear, “yes, you can”. You can upload your songs to Spotify. Spotify for artists is the best platform for new artists to show their talents and build their fan following. You can market your latest collection to people around. 

How To Get Your Song To Spotify?

Spotify provides streaming services as well. Many people are unaware of these Spotify services. Spotify provides you a bulk volume of its music library for its paid subscribers. You can upload your music to the library using some of the easy steps.

  • First of all, Log in to your Spotify account on your PC. As the songs can be uploaded to your Spotify by a Laptop or PC.
  • You can see a drop-down menu on the top right corner. Click on this “drop-down menu” and you will get a list.

drop-down menu on the top right corner

  • From this list click the setting button. There you will found a feature named “Local Files”. 

  • For browsing the music or album you want to upload to your account, click on the “Add a Source” feature. 
  • Add any music or song from your PC and select the album you want it to show up in your Spotify library.


  • Keep on checking your progress. Share your album. Let people know about your release. Market your songs to get better traffic. You can earn well from your talent from this platform. 

You can create your playlist on Spotify. To listen to your favorite songs when you are offline, you can add the songs to your playlist.

Why Should You Get Your Uploads Covered?

Why Should You Get Your Uploads Covered?

In the above section, we have discussed, “how to upload songs to Spotify”? We have diagnosed the application to help you release your album. But before uploading any song you must identify, “Are you receiving what you deserve”? To prevent your loss, you must check everything is covered when you upload a song. It shows your authority for that specific beat, music, or song you worked hard for. You must not waste your talents or let others get the credit for your struggle. You should have authorized your credentials before handing over them to anyone. This will provide you a favor that whenever your song is played on any platform, people will know the name of that artist to whom that specific song belongs. This approach will help you in getting paid faster. You should claim what you have created to make sure copyright claims. They are working worldwide, handing over music and albums of millions of artists on different platforms. Once you make a copyright claim for your art on the app, they will make sure 100% of your authority for your songs. You can have a large fan collection and advertise your talent.