How to Upload to Spotify As An Artist

How to Upload to Spotify As An Artist

Spotify is a platform providing music streaming online as well as offline. Millions of users are entertained by Spotify all around the globe.

A user who wants to become an artist on Spotify needs quality content. Many users around the world want to upload their music.

Officially Spotify doesn’t provide any sort of direct link to upload music. The direct link didn’t provide because millions of users are willing to upload their content on this huge platform.

The content given by Spotify is highly admirable by users. Spotify doesn’t allow any user to upload any sort of content which can cause an adverse effect on Spotify community standards. So the question arises of how to upload to Spotify as an artist.

How to Upload as an Artist

As Spotify doesn’t provide any direct upload system so users could use DSP ( Digital Service provider). These are various platforms who use to get content from you. These digital service providers sell your music to Music streaming apps.

There different types of DSP available all around. Some of them are free and some are paid. They usually check your content, its quality, etc. These services provide further sell it to music apps and users can earn from there.

These service providers are not so costly, they just get their fee to provide your music to streaming apps like Spotify. Spotify is not the only platform that restricted their direct upload. Many others are not directly attached to the user and don’t allow them to upload any content.

Digital service providers earn this way to provide your music to these platforms and Spotify pays the user this music he posted. Different service providers have different values and markets for music streaming apps.

Quality depends on your content. Good content is accepted and posted much earlier than the normal or average content. Some digital service providers are listed below for your convenience.

Tune Core


It is one of the well know and leading digital services providers around in the market. It provides different affordable packages for the user. It not only deals with Spotify users can post their content on various platforms. It charges $9.99 for one post and $29.9 for more than 3 to 4 posts per year.

It will keep all your right of music just for the user. It provides 100 % of your earning of your music. User will get its report of sale get free media player in the subscription on Tune Core.



It is also another sort of digital service provider. This DSP has different facilities for the user. It uses to do more posting on Spotify. It also uses to save users right and provide you 100% earning of your sales.

This digital service provider doesn’t have any restrictions on posting content within limit. It provides unlimited posting availability to the user. It used to provide 3 packages with handsome rates to a user. These packages have fluctuation in facilities from each other. The rate also varies from one package to another.

Moreover, as an artist, you would definately be interested in promoting your music, compositions, covers, podcasts, and whatnot. If you want reliable, high-quality services, that generate guaranteed results, check out our Spotify promotional services to become famous and make money at a low price.

Moreover, for other helpful guides, tips, and tricks, you can explore your Spotify section where we share solutions to different problems that you might face as a user or a content creator.

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