use SoundCloud music on YouTube

How to Use SoundCloud Music on YouTube?

Soundcloud is one of the leading platforms for listening to music or other audio. It is a platform that allows people to discover, show their talents, and post unique content. It is a well-loved app due to its music provision anytime, anywhere. SoundCloud is also loved due to its support to its creators as well as by introducing features like Soundcloud reposts which enables an artist to grow their audience, distribute their music and eventually make money from the music they create.

People love to watch videos that contain music and are always looking for music apps to choose music from for their YouTube videos.

Why Should You Use SoundCloud Music on YouTube?Use SoundCloud on YouTube

A YouTube video without music looks dull and incomplete and results in the audience losing interest very early. Every content creator on YouTube is looking to make their video better for their audience. SoundCloud is an app that provides numerous tracks that can be added to your YouTube videos. 

What Music Can be Used for a Video on YouTube?no copyright Music Can be Used for a Video on YouTube

To add any music from Soundcloud you need to be well aware of music copyright beforehand. Music on Soundcloud is not available for free and you need to obtain music licensing however it can prove to be very costly for independent content creators as it’s priced for big businesses. 

Considering the costs and hassle a content creator has to go through to obtain music, many content creators often prefer royalty-free music that is though not free, is free from copyright issues. The music once downloaded, can be used forever in your videos. 

How to Use SoundCloud Music on YouTube?SoundCloud Music YouTube

To use Soundcloud, you can either get music licensing or talk to the artist individually and set a price for their music. Obtaining a music license can be very costly and time-consuming, so talking to the artist is also a good one. You need to make sure that the artist you are talking to controls all the copyright to avoid future difficulties. After checking this agree on a price to obtain their music.

 However, if you are not willing to do any of this, talking to an artist can also be a painfully slow process, you can search for royalty-free music on SoundCloud. There is a small option of tracks that are free from copyright issues. You can download that by clicking on the download button or using a SoundCloud downloader. Then add it to your video through editing.


In conclusion, SoundCloud music will make your video more unique and enjoyable for the audience as it has a wide range of music to choose from once you can get the copyright issues cleared. You will be able to choose a track that is well-loved by the audience by viewing how many likes and SoundCloud plays it has received. Use SoundCloud music on YouTube to give your videos a good touch that the audience will thoroughly enjoy!

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