TikTok has been a music sensation for teenagers. It is a short video-sharing platform developed by Chinese developers; the various kinds of content it offers make TikTok one of a kind. TikTok helps talented people to get maximum TikTok followers and become famous. It attracted users from all other platforms, especially musical.ly and vine, etc. when TikTok and vine merged. The versatility of TikTok made it so famous that platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., had to introduce their version of short video platforms on their apps. 

Bling Effect

Visual filters are used to make a statement to make your content gloomy, joyful aesthetic, etc. 

Bling Effect has been the essence of visual filters on TikTok. It has been liked by models like Kardashians and Crawford to make their glittery outfits more sparkly. Bling effects work best on reflective surfaces to make them shinier, like mirrors or shiny materials.

Kirakira+ created it. It has been around since 2015, but it was recently trending on the internet especially from TikTok. So, if you want to add a little more sparkle to your aesthetic video, use bling filter TikTok.

It is referred to as bling, meaning being ostentatious with jewelry, etc. It is actually used on TikTok to appreciate the beauty of everyday things and live in the moment. Teenagers use it as a part of the indie subculture to make their video stand out and make a statement. The Bling effect is a filter that adds shiny and glittery lights to your video. 

The Bling effect is used to make aesthetic edits by teenagers on TikTok, highlight their fashion sense, and enhance a captured moment. It is usually used with a video montage and with an indie music track. 

To Use Bling Effect on TikTok

  • Open TikTok on your phone. 
  • Click on the plus button at the bottom of your screen to make a new video or choose from an existing one. 
  • An Effects button will appear, and by clicking on it, you can choose from different effects categorized in Motion, New etc.
  • Click on Visual and find bling effect (in a certain shiny font) and click on it. 
How to get the bling effect on TikTok
  • Once you click on it and it will start downloading. 
  • After installing, the Bling effect will be active, and now you can apply it to your videos. 
  • That’s it. Now, you have a bling effect on TikTok.

To Use Bling Effect on an Existing Video

  • After recording or importing a video from gallery, Click on effects option on the bottom of the screen next to sounds.
  • Swipe left until you find the Bling effect from the list of effects.
  • Drag to the part of the video you want to apply and hold the bling effect. You can also use it for the whole video.
Bling Effect on Existing TikTok video