How to write in bold on YouTube

How to Write in Bold on YouTube?

YouTube is the largest video streaming platform in the world. It has a huge audience with over 2 billion people logged in to it. It has all sorts of videos from informative and educational to entertainment and sports. It is a platform for everyone depending on whatever genre of videos you prefer.
YouTube has content creators making videos on it. They use YouTube for productivity as the more views they get the better their channel grows therefore they start to earn through it. It also enables them to strike different sponsorship deals making it a great source of income.

Audience Interaction on YouTube

The application of YouTube is also a great resource for the people to provide their opinion on videos. They can either drop a like or a dislike depending if they like the video or not. You can also add comments to the video as well expressing your opinion. These can help make the creator’s videos better and help them get feedback from the audience.
You can also add fun comments on YouTube with different formats. A bold text is used if you want to add influence to something so many people ask about how to write in bold on YouTube. To answer this you have to follow some very basic and easy steps.

Writing on Bold on YouTube

How to write in bold on YouTube

Follow the below given steps:

  • Open the YouTube application either on your android or IOS device or go to your browser and open YouTube on your computer
  • Now go to the video on which you would like to leave a comment
    In the comment section of the video type a sentence or a word that you want to be in bold
  • If it’s a word or a sentence add a * sign before and after the word or the sentence
  • The text will get bold

In this way you can write anything you want in the comment section of any YouTube video and make the thing bold if you want an emphasis on it.
In similar fashion, you can either use strikethrough or italics as well. Although the process or the signs that are used to make them italic or any other are different from the ones used in bold, the concept is pretty much the same.
So, YouTube is a great platform for both people that make content and the ones that consume it. The comment section is a great place to express your feelings and give your point of view and see what others have to say about it.

Therefore YouTube is so popular among everybody. Its algorithms and because it has something for everyone makes it a favorite video streaming platform for many people. More than 2 billion people to be more precise. It also has millions of content creators with millions of followers that are earning a lot from it due to ads and sponsorships.

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