TikTok Banned in India

Is TikTok Banned in India?

TikTok like many other social media platforms was an instant success in India ever since its launch. A large number of people took an instant liking to the app and made India the second largest country to have downloaded the TikTok app. People made short video clips and did everything possible to get famous and buy TikTok likes. However, the excitement was short-lived as TikTok was banned from India, stealing thousands’ dreams. 

Why and When was TikTok Banned in India?

TikTok was banned from India on June 29th, 2020. It was banned because of national security issues. Under Section (69A), it ‘posed a threat to sovereignty and integrity of India.’ The Indian government had claimed that the ban was because apps like TikTok were collecting private information from the phones of those who downloaded the app. They were specifically concerned if the Chinese government is receiving this information as they have a lot of clashes.

At that time, TikTok’s head in India, Nikhil Gandhi, had released a statement that TikTok is not giving sensitive or private information to anyone but Tiktok remained banned.

What Were the Effects of the TikTok Ban in India?

TikTok was not only a source of entertainment but was also a source of income for many. The video-sharing app also provided entertainment to those who were depressed or tired after a long day. However, it also fed a lot of mouths.

Social media apps like TikTok, have become so popular and well established that they have helped become the sole source of income for many. People make TikTok accounts making creative videos, thus showing off their unique talents as well as earning through it. Once you get famous on TikTok and get thousands of followers, many marketing companies looking for people to promote different products notice these TikTokers. These TikTokers promote the products through their videos, posting them on TikTok. However to get famous on TikTok a person needs video shares and followers.

Once TikTok got banned from India, many people supported the ban as they agreed with the government. However, many opposed it as people had lost their source of income. Many people who treated TikTok as their full-time job became jobless, while people who relied on TikTok to get entertained lost their source of entertainment. 

Can TikTok be Accessed Despite Its Ban?

If you are from India and extremely unsettled since the TikTok ban, you can access it by doing this. You can download and enjoy watching entertaining videos by downloading a VPN. A VPN allows you to access those apps or websites that are banned in a certain area. Download a reliable VPN and download it. Once it has been downloaded, download the TikTok app and watch your favorite TikTokers videos.


In conclusion, the TikTok ban has occurred in India due to security reasons. However, affecting the lives of many TikTokers. It has been two years since its ban and people miss the entertaining app a lot.

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