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Artists and music makers consider SoundCloud a standout amongst the best spot to share the music. It is a versatile spilling application that gives individuals a chance to tune in to music online for nothing.

Launch yourself to fame

SoundCloud is one of the best social media platforms to display your music on but at times it gets hard for new artists and musicians to reach more listeners. Every artist deserves equal attention and popularity which is tough to gain on SoundCloud as competition is really high. Under these circumstances, new musicians fail to be prominent and are overshadowed by popular artists.

This is why to achieve a better ranking and more attention to your music on SoundCloud, you should buy SoundCloud plays from BulkGram. You not just receive a competitive advantage but also increased reach. At BulkGram we provide the safest solutions that will help to advertise your music that too within safe boundaries. Privacy is our number one priority, this is why we do not require passwords and precede payments under secured procedures.

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Get heard with SoundCloud plays

Buying plays increases your reputation and ranking on the Soundcloud. As a result, you get more visible in playlists and searches. An increased number of plays on your content excites and attracts more listeners who are curious to check your music.

Through our real-looking SoundCloud plays you receive the wide exposure necessary for a new artist and allow your new launch to be even more successful owing to the high plays on the previous content . We will take care of the promotions for you so you can work on your new music with no stress and will help you gain popularity as a new artist which is difficult to achieve otherwise.

Why should an Artist invest in Soundcloud plays?

It is necessary to engage with an effective marketing tool when you indulge in a career that requires promotion. Buying real like SoundCloud plays via BULKGRAM at cheap rates will open many gates for you that are necessary to be popular of high competition.

We are providing you with a wide exposure so you can be prominent, helping you save time and money. It also builds authority for you through SoundCloud plays. Your listeners will share and hype your music which will boost your confidence to produce more content and carry on with what you love.

Why buy it from BULKGRAM Company?

We provide strong support to the client by generating thousands of plays for you every day. The plays you purchase from it are authentic available at the best and unbeatable prices. We have helped so many new musicians from many countries to grow over time and be successful in proving our customer satisfaction.

It works in ways that secure all your information and maintain privacy. No needs to provide your password as you are your own social media manager. Payments are also made under secured procedures.

Buy soundcloud plays

Five reasons buying SoundCloud plays is a good idea

  1. High play count determines the higher quality

More play count on your content indicates higher quality. This drives more listeners who get curious based on your increasing play count and would want to check your content out. New artists, regardless of their amazing music, fail to achieve a better reach and this is why buying plays from BULKGRAM would portray a quality that is necessary to attract listeners.

  1.  It helps to drive engagement

Buying plays is gives you a better reputation and reach. Since more people are hearing your content they are likely to share, repost, and download the content that will drive and improve your overall engagement on the platform.

  1. More play count, more followers

Through increased plays on your count, you attract more listeners that want to check your content. They are also likely to follow the artist as well so they can keep up with the content they post next.

  1. You make more money

Artists on SoundCloud are likely to be paid by SoundCloud if they produce popular content. Buying followers improve your ranking in searches, allowing you to have more reach and play count. This visibility is very important to make more money.

  1. Get ahead of the competition

SoundCloud is a platform where millions of new artists want to be successful. In presence of such competition, it becomes necessary to buy plays so you are ahead of everyone and gain growth more quickly. In this way you avoid being over shadowed by others.

How does it work?

  • The client chooses the number of streams they desire to have.
  • You proceed by adding it in your shopping cart and payment.
  • No need to provide your password, just enter valid URL
  • All the payment and procedure are secure with BULKGRAM

Stream your tracks on Soundcloud

SoundCloud is a great platform to advertise and stream your music on. There’s no preferable method to do it over online media, with SoundCloud being one of the top organizations for artists to advance their music as it provides great opportunities.

How long does it take?

The delivery time of the services is dependent on the quantity you have ordered. If you purchase more plays, it will take a longer time for delivery and vice versa.

Do I have a guarantee?

BULKGRAM’s services have helped many SoundCloud artists in gaining their place and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with close to  real SoundCloud plays and good quality.


  1. Are these plays from real accounts?

Yes, BULKGRAM provides real looking SoundCloud plays.

  1. Will people know about buying SoundCloud plays?

BULKGRAM keeps all the information and purchases anonymous.

  1. Can I get banned by SoundCloud for buying plays?

No you would not get banned because plays are sent in and an indistinguishable manner.

  1. Do I have a guarantee? 

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and quality.

  1. What are the payment methods?

Payment can be made through credit card.

  1. Can I buy followers as well? 

Yes, you can buy SoundCloud followers as well.

  1. Can I buy plays, reposts, and followers in a package?

There are various packages of services to choose from.

  1. Can I get a discount on bulk buying?

The packages offered are at the best rates and uniquely designed.

  1. What would be the average play duration?

The average play duration usually varies from 90 to 120 seconds.

More Exciting Soundcloud promotion services

There are other SoundCloud services offered by BULKGRAM as well that are necessary for growth and promotion;

Buying SoundCloud plays has become a thing now. An artist definitely needs to invest in the promotion & buy sound cloud plays and other services.

Buy HQ Real Soundcloud Plays

It is a case of online networking application where specialists can get associated with their fan and followers from everywhere throughout the world. On the off chance that you are another artist or a music item, at that point help your SoundCloud Profile by Buy plays in SoundCloud modest, moment and high caliber.

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Why Purchase Only From Grambulk

Our Social Media Marketing showcasing administrations for SoundCloud Followers, Downloads, Plays & Likes are exceptional. We guarantee that you generally get more SoundCloud plays when you Buy SoundCloud Plays. No other organization or site is giving such fantastic Plays and additional rewards with each request. Besides, we expect to give you the most extreme close by learning about advancing your music on SoundCloud before you purchase SoundCloud Plays from us.

Here is a design for SoundCloud music marketing success

As per explore directed by Grambulk Social media marketing promoting specialists, over 43.25 million clients from the USA just use SoundCloud day by day. In addition, it has got a great many audience members from different parts of the world. According to the client to deliver a proportion, there are just 10 million music makers yet 76 million music audience members. So the quantity of SoundCloud  Followers is significantly more than the general population who transfer music. So the challenge in SoundCloud is far not as much as Apple Music, Spotify, and different applications.

There are 170 million tracks transferred by 10 million music makers, yet just a couple got well known. Do you know why? Here comes the genuine enchantment of SoundCloud Plays and Followers. In the event that an individual has a great SoundCloud profile with bunches of supporters, at that point his/her transferred music will get more notoriety. Much the same as other social media marketing systems, there is an appropriate news source on SoundCloud. The diverse elements of this newsfeed is that it indicates continuous details like Plays, Likes, and Downloads. So every craftsman who Buy SoundCloud Plays gets a programmed validity that gives his music a more noteworthy possibility of getting shared and prefers by different clients.

5 Justification To Get Soundcloud Plays

SoundCloud contains music from 190 nations. So for what reason would somebody perceive your track as the best one? In the wake of getting such inquiries, Grambulk look into the group has come to resultant for SoundCloud music showcasing achievement:

  1. Getting more SoundCloud Plays is basic for each new craftsman who needs to get devotees from 76 million SoundCloud Followers.
  2. Buy SoundCloud Plays if you need to tell individuals that your track is worth to tune in. Else, they may disregard and look up your track from the news source.
  3. An artist who Get Real high-quality SoundCloud Plays from Grambulk dependably has more odds of accomplishment and notoriety.
  4. The market is loaded with services, however, Grambulk furnishes genuine-looking SoundCloud Plays with high caliber and maintenance guarantee.
  5. In conclusion, Grambulk is the name of value and services. Our SoundCloud client bolster group begins handling your request immediately and guarantee the fastest delivery of SoundCloud Plays.
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