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Spotify Playlist Plays
Equally Divide upto 1 Track
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Organically Build up Process
100% Safe and Secure
Average plays 2+ minutes
Privacy Protection
No Password Required
Spotify Plays
100% Real Plays
Organically Build up Process
100% Safe and Secure
Average plays 2+ minutes
Privacy Protection
No Password Required

Become popular with our Spotify Services

Streaming your music especially when the royal rate per-stream is small can be hard and complicated. Therefore, Spotify has helped numbers improve for many artists. However, this may be insufficient. Spotify services help many new musicians to grow and have a successful career however this alone doesn’t provide the artists with an expected output.

Therefore, service through a third-party like the Grambulk is necessary to get tunes and collections onto Spotify and to help the artist gain visibility and growth. It aims to help you grow as a successful artist, provide services that will enable you to be on the radar of prominent journalists and music bloggers, and stream your music via authentic accounts. Since we provide real looking Spotify services, you don’t have to worry about being banned by Spotify as well.

Increase your reach to more listeners

Although Spotify is a great platform that provides many opportunities for the artist, it has become necessary to buy Spotify services to increase your streams and listeners. Due to increased competition on the app, We help the client to grow and improve their ranking since it has become hard to publish the song to a wide audience.


Spotify promotion for artists

About the Services

Grambulk provides all the services that you may buy to grow on Spotify at the lowest rates. By purchasing followers or plays via authentic Spotify accounts you bound to be successful. This ensures that your songs are eligible for royalties and create a fan base quickly. Such a position is hard to reach for a new artist who doesn’t avail of these opportunities.

Spotify plays 

Buying Spotify plays refers to increasing your audience which is very essential to allow your music to successfully stream on this platform. This service adds the boost that is necessary for the new release to be noticed. More plays will attract more listeners as more listeners would want to check it out!

Spotify followers

Paying to increase your Spotify followers increases the general traffic your record receives. This is to create a genuine vibe that the artist is popular. Buying Spotify followers is just like advertising your music and attracting listeners that prefer an artist with more followers. Through Grambulk you can enhance your online presence by buying real and cheap followers and enjoy a quick lift to your record, that too anonymously.

Spotify playlist plays

Purchasing Spotify playlist plays is supporting tracks or melodies inside a playlist based on your personal preference, which at that point makes a course impact of music advancement control. Through paid Spotify playlist plays you can buy real Spotify plays allowing your desired music to rank better in charts. Buying cheap Spotify playlist followers or plays can allow focus on your new releases and leave the advertisement on us.

Will Spotify services help me make more money?

Through purchasing our real like plays and followers, you are increasing the overall plays which in turn are increasing the royalties. We ensure ways of receiving the royalties and they will be paid to the artist through its music label and the distributor as well. Along with the best promotions, we ensure ways through which you can get paid. Through more visibility, in terms of real looking plays and followers, you receive more popularity, streams, and hence more royalties! The rate of these royalties will depend on your country and distributor as well.

Spotify promotion for artists

How does it work?

While buying our services, we never ask for your password or any other irrelevant information and guarantee to keep your purchase anonymous. All the processes require you to select a service you desire to avail and enter the necessary URL and you’re good to go! Only through these few easy steps, you purchase the most authentic like and cheap services from GRAMBULK that may be hard to find in the market.

 Importance of Privacy in Spotify Services

We completely understand and secure all your information while you avail of our services. The privacy of our buyer is always protected, and we never allow any third-party to have access to it. Our privacy measure should be trusted by the fact that we don’t ask for passwords in the first place. On top of this, while working with clients we also make sure that no one ever knows about your purchase as well. Our services are sent in such a manner that Spotify can distinguish them from organic plays and followers.

Great value for Money

At Grambulk, we value your money by assuring that we provide services as close to authentic as possible to help a new artist in gaining visibility and growth without any stress of being banned. Artists are receiving many services that too with high security and privacy at such low rates that are probably not being offered by any other in the market. We ensure that no names or figures are being revealed in the market and set rates that best suit the capabilities and clients.


  1. Are these Spotify services real?

Grambulk ensures that the followers and streams it provides are 100% authentic and real looking as these services are from real like Spotify accounts.

  1. Can I get banned for buying Spotify services?

No, you do not get banned for buying these services.

  1. What are the payment methods?

Payment can be made via credit cards.

  1. What would be the average delivery duration?

The client’s profile is seen as the social media analyst who transfers the profile in a queue for delivery.

  1. Will Spotify services help increase my ranking?

Yes, they will. You purchase our services to be able to grow and attract traffic to your content. This helps in improving your ranking in charts.

  1. Will people know about buying Spotify services?

As mentioned earlier, no we do not reveal information regarding your purchase of services.

  1. Which is your most popular Spotify service?

The most popular Spotify service we provide is purchasing streams. This attracts more listeners as the increasing number of streams may interest them.

Our Spotify Services, you’re paying for quality and quantity. Because Expanding an audience fast is the need of every brand and celebrity. Therefore We understand what it takes to be on top of social media.

So Buy Spotify Followers and Spotify plays. We guarantee genuine likes, comments, and Followers through hyper-optimized marketing campaigns.

  • Select one of Spotify Services.
  • You select a plan, and you customize it (2 ~ 5 minutes).
  • Add To Cart.
  • Choose Quantity.
  • Done: You are good to go.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Spotify Services From Us

Because We sell real followers of Spotify that can enable you to reach a more significant number on the service. therfore You’ll get your profile verified by them with the help of our professional service.