five steps to sound cloud

5 Steps to Mastering SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a platform that serves both beginner and talented musicians. This platform is best for promotion as you can upload your tracks free of cost. You not only upload new music content but also share your favorite music with friends.

Things to Master in SoundCloud

You have to follow the below-mentioned process that comprises five steps.

1. Sign Up on SoundCloudsoundcloud-account-signup

The preliminary step is to sign up for your account on SoundCloud. When you have done this, enter a suitable URL that helps others access you on multiple platforms. In this way, your music can be promoted across various social networks.

2. Upload New SoundsUpload new sound

In this step, upload your sound by clicking on the upload option. You are also provided with a drag and drop file. Choose the option that either you make private or public. Write the essential info regarding your music items, such as title, genre, and custom URL.

You can search and comment on the music of others on SoundCloud. Also, SoundCloud reposts and SoundCloud plays features for making the music content viral.

3. Add TagsAdd Tag

The addition of tags is an important step, as this helps the user find your track on SoundCloud. Try to make such tags that the people who visit your profile find relevant data on your account. You have to write a small explanation of your track to grab your audience’s attention to get SoundCloud plays.

4. Metadatametadata in soundcloud

In this step, first, click on the Metadata tab. You must be sure that you are following the terms and conditions of the copyright and license. Write all the data relevant to your music, such as the artist’s name, publisher, composer, and information about the music title and date of release.

5. Manage PermissionsManage Permissions

Now customize the permission, which is the final step of the process. If you want to allow users to download your content, tick on the Enable downloads option. The other users who visit your profile can download your music and save it on their devices.

Offline listening helps them in listening to your music without an internet facility. The users can see your publication in the RSS feed if you include the publication. The use of embed code will prove helpful for you. On the embed code display, users will embed your soundtrack on their website or publication. In this way, your music content will become recognized across other social websites.


SoundCloud has so many features to improve the user and creator experience. On this platform, you can enjoy all types of music if you are a user. While as a creator, these features assist you in increasing fan following and grabbing the new audience’s attention.

SoundCloud accepts a wide range of audio formats in mastering, such as WAV (16-24bit), FLAC, AIFF, and MP3. High-quality music track uploading is done with WAV, FLAC, and AIFF file formats. This SoundCloud mastering guide helps you improve your music files which multiply your number of listeners.

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