10 Ways to Attract New Followers on TikTok

It is one of the most popular social media platforms, used by a million people to create and share short videos. Tiktok is getting more hype day by day, and is progressing so fast. It is estimated that about 25 million people actively use it every month. It makes you feel like you are doing online karaoke because of its feature of lip-syncing. It holds a significant popularity due to its act out videos or memes with music and short clips of songs.

Just like Instagram, Facebook, and twitter, people also desire to have more subscribers on their TikTok accounts. But, it requires you to learn some strategies for increasing your Tiktok followers. Some of the techniques involve;

Posting Genuine Stuff

Always make sure you select the appropriate and unique content, before posting it. You are not going to get more followers, if there is nothing new in your content and you post the same things as others do. You must think on it that what is going to make you stand out on this platform. Be it be your skits, sense of dressing, the way you perform, everything must be unique and different.

10 Ways to Attract New Followers on TikTok

Post Regularly

If you want to get more fame you need to stay active and update your profile regularly. It is the requirement of every social media app, as people start losing interest in you when you stop posting regularly. It is not important to post your videos each day, but planning up when to post videos can prove helpful in this regard. Posting video after every second day or posting them week after week, is a better idea.

Follow Others

It is important to grow your social circle by following others on Tiktok. When you follow people, they follow you back. This way you become part of a social community that helps you gain more followers in no time.

Follow Trending Tags

10 Ways to Attract New Followers on TikTok

Perform the trending challenges and skits and upload them to your profile. This will help you gain more likes, which ultimately converts into followers when they share your videos of you performing a viral challenge.

Upload Content in Peak Hours

Sometimes, you upload so much content on your profile but you disappoint after gaining less likes. This is because you post your content continuously without taking a pause. To get more Tiktok likes, you must make sure that you post your videos between peak hours, which start around 11’o o’clock in the morning and 6 pm. This is the time frame when most of the people actively use Tiktok.

Use New Music and Tracks

It is not necessary to show your moves in every video, but if you feel like dancing, then you must choose new songs which are trending with time. Everyone loves the new music and when they find anyone using their favorite music in their videos, they start liking it.

Team Up with Others

10 Ways to Attract New Followers on TikTok

Teaming up with other users for a duet video is the best way to increase followers and your fan base on Tiktok. You can perform with the other user without knowing the other. Always search for the users who have the same number of followers as you have. It increases your chances to get more followers and you can start acting in collaboration with the famous users.

Follow the Experts

Before making your videos on anything you must visit the profiles of experts and learn from them. For example, if you’re making a short video of makeup tutorial, you must follow and visit the profiles of makeup experts. It will help you learn more and will prevent you from the risks of making minor mistakes.

Use Better Equipment

You might have observed that the famous Tiktok stars use professional gadgets or equipment for making their videos. They don’t make their videos with dirty backgrounds with low light. You must buy a phone tripod if there is no one to stand for making your videos.

Share your Profile on Other Social Networks

Sharing the link of your account on your Twitter bio, or sharing your Tiktok videos on Facebook and Instagram, plays a vital role in engaging people. If you have a huge fan base on other sites, you must share your content there, which will make people follow you on your Tiktok as well.


How to Use Instagram to Get Famous on TikTok?

Are you a new TikTok user? Don’t know how to improve Tiktok followers and get famous? No need to worry there are plenty of options to get popularity through this platform. It is one of the best ways to use Instagram to get more audience for your videos. Now the question is how to get famous on TikTok by using Instagram. The answer is simple so let’s look at the steps to share your TikTok on Instagram.

Sharing on Instagram

How to use Instagram to get famous on TikTok?

Once you make your video on Tiktok, you get different options to share the content. One of them is to share through Instagram. On the sharing menu, get the option who can view it. Click on Instagram. Make sure first download the video, then get connected with Instagram and share your stuff. In this way, your Instagram followers can enjoy your videos.

You can get more TikTok likes by:

Adding Hashtags on Videos

How to use Instagram to get famous on TikTok?

Hashtags are the key components to attract the audience. You can use interesting hashtags. Make sure to use the relevant one so that people know about what type of video you are sharing? What sort of stuff are you sharing? The hashtag has much importance in social media. Through this, people can easily find the information they are searching for. They can find the eye-catchy stuff through hashtags. Thus, keeping in mind this strategy, use appealing hashtags and the words that people commonly use.

Use Interesting Captions

How to use Instagram to get famous on TikTok?

Captions are motivating and inspiring. If you are sharing some informative video, add some quotations or statements that help the user to open the video and watch it.

Edit your Videos by Using Filters

How to use Instagram to get famous on TikTok?

Don’t post videos that have poor quality. Try to use the camera that is of high resolution. In case you don’t have such a device then don’t worry. There are a number of apps through which you can use filters. Even in TikTok, you can edit your video. Use the filter to maximize the quality of the video and then share it on Instagram. After doing so, you will see that you get more Tiktok like on Instagram as well as on the same app.

Be Creative

Being creative matters a lot. Try to avoid posting the same content on a daily basis. You must have a style, but your videos must be different and creative. In this way, you can inspire your Instagram and Tiktok followers. To get guidance to watch the videos of experts to check what type of videos they share and what is their style. In this way, you learn and will able to learn tricks to get more likes.

Getting famous on TikTok through Instagram is not a hard thing. You have to be focused and work with the planning. You have to post content that your audience wants to watch and enjoy. Avoid the irrelevant or stupid type of content that seems clutter to your audience. Try following these tips and post your TikTok videos on Instagram by using the right strategy and see the difference.


How to Get TikTok Like for Free in 2021?

Getting famous on social media is somewhat a tricky task. One has to be courageous and motivated to get the expected number of followers. Otherwise, the post may not get likes, and you fail to survive in the social media platform. The same is the case with TikTok. If you want to get a number of free likes on TikTok for free in 2021, then you can get through the various apps that support the TikTok likes.  Before using such a platform, you may be thinking about how to choose the app that offers thousands of likes in a short time.

Find the Right Software

The first thing is that you should find the right software. There are several softwares that you will find on the internet. But, keep in mind that not all are genuine. Possibly they may contain viral content. Don’t trust every site. Beware of spam. To get the perfect option, check that the site has proper terms of services. Do it have reviews. Read the testimonials that either the site is authentic or not. By doing so, you will able to sign up with the right source and able to get the expected number of TikTok likes.

Check Whether a Website Provides a Free Option or Not

Once you shortlist the authentic websites, the next question is whether it provides free like an option or not. It is because few websites give the option of free, but when you sign it, they demand the fee so providing likes on TikTok. Check every site so that you can reach the right platform to make your TikTok post famous by using free software.

How to get TikTOK like for free in 2021

How to get Likes?

Once you get a sign in with a particular website and start using it. You have to follow the procedure given below.

  • Open the software
  • Enter your TikTok name. Don’t add “@” as it may not work with it,
  • Add the amount of likes you want to add on your post
  • Click on “Add likes.”
  • Now, wait to process.
  • Done

Now you have the number of likes to get famous on the TikTok platform.

Point to Remember

You must know that your audience keeps an eye on your post. Try to add a number of likes that look authentic. Don’t add too much in a single day that may give a fake appearance. You can add likes on a daily or weekly basis to provide an authentic impression. In this way, the real audience will also take interest and start liking your post. It will, in return create a positive impression and increase the number of likes for your post.

For getting an ideal number of Tiktok followers and likes you have to do hard work as well try to add an interesting post on a daily basis. Use decent stuff and proper songs that fit on your videos. In this way, by paying attention to your videos, you will get the expected result, and there will be no need to use special software to get likes as you will have a genuine audience.


Top 5 FAQs for Getting More Likes and Views on TikTok

TikTok is a social media platform where people can share videos. It is basically a video sharing application. It is the most used application today, especially in times of social distancing. People are facing hard times in quarantine wondering what to do to keep themselves busy. These people choose to make TikTok videos to keep themselves and their followers entertained. If your videos are engaging, they can go viral. Initially the app was being used by youngsters. Today, every age group is seen making videos on TikTok. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs on TikTok

What is the type of videos are on TikTok?

TikTok allows users to share every type of video. As an audience, you will find every type of content here. You will find videos on social messages, motivation, lip syncing, dancing, or various kinds of challenges. TikTok is a mix of all these videos. It also includes a lot of filters. Users are allowed to make videos in those filters or they can also add filter to an existing video. You can add music to your video. 

What is the length of a TikTok video? 

In the past, TikTok enabled users to upload videos of 15 seconds just like Instagram. Users often complained about the troubles in making such short videos. However today, the length TikTok videos have been increased from 15 seconds to a minute. 

How to get more likes on TikTok?

This is the most asked question. Every user on TikTok wants to get more likes. It is a way to get paid for the efforts they have made. To get more TikTok likes, it is essential to focus on the content and its quality. The type of content you are posting will determine the likes for your videos. Ensure that your content is engaging and appealing. Make sure you are keeping up with the latest trends on TikTok. Use popular hashtags for your videos and take part in trending challenges. 

Top 5 FAQs for Getting More Likes and Views on TikTok

What type of content helps you gain more followers

TikTok is all about likes and followers. The number of active users are increasing day by day and so are the number of videos. There are a million of videos for people to see. What makes you think they will view your video out of a million? Therefore, make sure that your content stands out from others. Unique content will bring you a lot of TikTok followers. Another way of getting more followers is to engage with other users who make videos. Appreciate their efforts. Give likes to their videos. This way you will not only gain followers, but also get more TikTok views and likes. 

Can TikTok be used for marketing purposes?

Of course yes. TikTok could be the best platform for marketing looking at the number of daily active users. A lot of brands are using TikTok to reach out to their fans and to promote their products. This is the best platform to create brand awareness. 


Easy Guide to Optimize Video for Maximum Followers on TikTok

Everyone likes to have an increased number of followers. Let’s discuss what you can do to grow your followers on TikTok. There are 800 million people who are using this social application. All you need to do is simply attract these people towards your content. However, remember TikTok is not only for youngsters who post lip syncing videos. It is being used by leading brands like Gucci and fenty beauty to market their products and target their audience. This means TikTok is not just only a fun app.

Strategies to Grow Followers on TikTok

Easy guide to optimize video for maximum followers on TikTok

To get more followers, the first step is to,

Optimize your Profile

Easy guide to optimize video for maximum followers on TikTok

The first thing you should be concerned about is your profile. This is what is going to determine the number of your TikTok likes or the count of your followers. Choose the best picture as your display photo and do write an engaging bio that describes you and your talents. You can add links to your other social media accounts on your description so that your followers can follow your other accounts as well.

Get to know your Target Audience

Easy guide to optimize video for maximum followers on TikTok

In order to get more TikTok followers, you should know the people you are uploading your videos for. TikTok is a very vast application with all kinds of videos for everyone. Every user has a certain type or a preference and they will give a follow to those accounts who posts videos of their kind. Therefore, it is impossible for you to attract everyone. This is why you should know the people you want to engage with. The people who will give more views to your content are the people who will find more of your content on their “For You” page. Once you know what your target audience is, you’ll ultimately gain more followers.

Focus on Quality

If you see various videos on TikTok, you would notice that high quality videos have the most likes while low quality videos don’t get much likes. Therefore, another area of focus would be quality. Work on the quality of your videos and always strive to make them better. Choose an appealing background for your video, look out for the best lighting, upgrade your smartphone, and then make a TikTok video. Also learn some editing skills so that you can edit your videos to make them look more attractive.

Share your TikTok Videos on other Social Platforms

Easy guide to optimize video for maximum followers on TikTok

This is the most known way of increasing followers. Once you upload a video on TikTok, all you have to do is share that video to other apps like Instagram or Facebook and tell people to follow your TikTok account. You can also post it on stories. If the content and quality of your video is attractive enough, people would definitely want to view more of your videos. Other than that, just be original and focus on creativity. The more creative you are with your content, the more people will follow you.