Make Money on SoundCloud

The Best Way to Make Money on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one popular music platform that people use to make money through their music. When you’re working as an independent artist, you’ll need to make sure that you’re earning a good revenue by using all possible ways. How can you get hundreds of Soundcloud plays and earn more money? Let’s know more about making money on SoundCloud. 

Making Money on SoundCloud

Do you want to make money through SoundCloud? Here are a few things to do!

1. Upgrade to SoundCloud Pro limited

With the Pro Unlimited subscription of SoundCloud, you can access some effective tools that can help you grow your account and earn good money. Some of these features include advanced audience insights, unlimited time for upload, and complete control of the content. With the advanced tools, you can increase your chances of selling the tracks. 

2. Use SoundCloud Ads

To help the SoundCloud artists get more followers, the app offers the option of audio ads. By adding audio ads to your music, you get higher exposure, hence more plays that result in earnings. Moreover, if your track has an audio ad at the start, the track owner will become a part of the revenue scheme of SoundCloud. In this way, you can earn money on SoundCloud by using audio ads. 

3. Add Title and Buy Link to the PlaylistLink Juice SoundCloud

When you add the “Buy Link” option to your playlist and tracks, you are letting people purchase them on different platforms like Bandcamp and iTunes. This can increase the sales of your tracks, bringing you a good amount of money. By adding a “buy link” and “title” option, you can make more money. 

4. Promote Yourself on SoundCloud SoundCloud Promotion Services

By promoting yourself on SoundCloud, you can also earn a good amount of money. You can even customize and specialize your SoundCloud promotions to target a specific audience based on age, genres, locations, and parameters. The self-serve tool for promotion will let you get your music across to a wider audience, driving your audience up and making good earnings for you. 

5. Sell Music on Sellfy Sell on Sellfy

To sell your music and earn money, you can sign up for the e-commerce platform Sellfy. This simple and user-friendly tool supports built-in tools for marketing that will let you monetize and promote your music. 

5. Buy SoundCloud Services SoundCloud Services

If you want to earn money from SoundCloud by becoming popular on the platform, you can buy Soundcloud reposts, followers, plays, etc. This is a good way to reach more audiences, gain their trust, and get more money on SoundCloud. 


SoundCloud is a popular music platform that you can use to earn money. While it can be hard to make your place in the competitive medium, you can easily make a good amount of money once you earn your name. By using the ways above, you can earn your name, get more audience, and sell the music tracks that will help you make a good amount of money. The more effort you put into setting up your SoundCloud account, the more your chances of getting famous and earning money.

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