Tiktok Challenges School

TikTok has a new trend that shows that students are making videos in which they are stealing different things, hurting each other, and damaging school and society’s property. It has been shown that they are taking the things off the school premises. TikTok challenges and their collateral effects have been sweeping across school facilities this year. For the first several weeks of the school year, the problems have included graffiti and violence.

There is a schedule of monthly TikTok “challenges” for schools that educators and parents should be aware of. Each week of the school year brings new problems that raise continuous safety issues that school workers and management must address. National student engagement in these tasks has occurred. These challenges are to be done to gain followers and thousands of likes.

The children are online, which is a reality that we must all accept. They are components of social media platforms, and while they may provide benefits like as education and interaction, there are also significant drawbacks that parents should be aware of. Now might be an excellent moment to talk to youngsters about these problems and the potential implications.

Even though some of the challenges seem to be normal pranks, others are more severe, with more than one involving sexual assault and/or bullying.

Devious Licks Challenge Held in September 2021Devious Licks Challenge

Teenagers in this TikTok challenge submit films of themselves stealing, destroying, or flaunting objects taken from school. According to Urban Dictionary, a “lick” is a “perfect sort of theft that results in an appropriate, impressive, and lucrative payoff for the protagonist.” The devastation in school restrooms across the United States is visible, whether it’s stolen bathrooms, shattered floor tiles, or broken soap dispensers.

Slap a Teacher Challenge – October 2021

The “slap your teacher” task was a popular October craze that resulted in some pupils being charged and prompted schools and TikTok to weigh out. TikTok stated that the challenge was disrespect to teachers globally and that any relevant content submitted on its site would be deleted immediately if it violated its community rules. After the challenge started circulating on social media and many kids made news for attacking teachers, schools around the country alerted teachers, parents, and teenagers of the potential penalties. After making such disrespectful videos, these students share the video to go viral.

Grab Some Eggz Challenge – April 2021Eggs in a crate

The significance of the mentioned challenge is being deciphered in various ways, with some claiming it is comparable to the sneaky lick challenge, in which people stole toilet rolls and detergent from school restrooms. While many have thought that Grab Some Eggz is equivalent to the devious lick task and have criticized it for inciting students to take, another notion makes the practice seem much more concerning.


In conclusion, TikTok is currently one of the most popular applications for both adolescents and adults, but there always appear to be trends and issues that become a major success and sometimes a big concern for school safety. The difficulties that parents and school authorities should be aware of and plan for, as detailed on TikTok, should be addressed properly and take action accordingly.

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