Top spotify deals UK 2021

Top Spotify Deals UK 2021

Deals on anything either on clothes, foods, etc. are the most fascinating, interesting, and customers appealing things. Different apps provide different deals to their users for their maximum attraction. The deals also make the app trending and popular among users. The reason is when deals are users friendly most of the users access and use them. Music apps also provide deals for their users. The premium packages of music apps have different types of deals. These deals are varied and occasional. They come on New Year or annually at any event. Everyone loves to hear music but no one rarely pays for the music.

If we talk about Spotify we come to know with different deals. Spotify the most popular and famous music streaming app. Millions of people are using it in listening to music creating playlists and following famous music artists. In 2021, Spotify provided its users with remarkable deals. Their deals are updated every year in April. 

Welcome Back Offer

If you have canceled your Spotify premium account then you will receive an email of an offer for three months of £9.99. This offer is offered a couple of times a year.

Annual Deal For The Price Of Ten

This deal is if you are using PayPal for payment then you have to pay only £99 rather than £120 which is about 17.5% saving. This deal is specified as twelve months of Spotify for the price of ten. This deal is also available on amazon.

Deal on Spotify Duo

Deal on Spotify Duo

This deal is ideal for duos that are living together. This deal will be cheaper as compared to £2 for the family option.

Deals on Family Premium Package

If in your family more than two people have Spotify account. Then subscribe to a family account. In this, you only have to pay £14.99. So the more number of people the cheaper it will be.

Three Months Free Deal

This is another deal in which you can use Spotify premium free of cost for three months if you are using PayPal.

One Month Deal

Spotify premium package will be free only for one month via Spotify direct for those users who are not using PayPal.

For New Users

This deal is for new users who for the first time sign in the Spotify. But the condition is they have to sign up with a PayPal account.

Deal Twice In a Year

Sometimes twice a year, Spotify offers deals for new customers. They offer 99p for using Spotify for three months. Otherwise mostly users get one-month usage for free. This offer is also valid on couples, student, and family plans too.  

Spotify Gift Card

Spotify Gift Cards

It offers a deal for 12 months for only £99 which saves 17% of your annual cost

Free Spotify on The Desktop or Mobile 

It is better to use free Spotify on the desktop as in this way you can select any song and get unlimited skips. In mobile, it is restricted to 6 skips/hour.

If you are new and want to boost your Playlist then you can get Playlist Plays. If you want to become more Popular on Spotify then just Get Spotify Followers which helps you to boost your profile.


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