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Ways to Protect Your Music If SoundCloud Goes Bust

SoundCloud is an international platform that serves the free distribution and uploading of audio. Its users promote their music by using SoundCloud reposts and play options. You can also comment on the user’s profile to show your interest in their music.

There are many ways by which you can protect your music on SoundCloud. The need for protection arises when the company shuts down its work. In the past month, two of its offices stopped working. The 40% staff removed and the company lost its overall value to 75%. No one saw the future of SoundCloud; if something happens to it, what will you do? All music content will go away, so how can you protect your music.

How to Protect the Music?

Following are some of the steps by which you can protect your soundtracks

Use of BackupSoundCloud backup

Keep back up your music to save it from permanent loss. The backup of sound tracks can be done in two ways; one uses a hard drive or external flash drive, while the other uses cloud storage such as Dropbox and box. So saving your music file will help you access your track with the help of the internet.

Dropbox provides its users with a free space of 2GB, and the box gives 10GB storage in which you can upload 250MB files. For Mac users, using a time machine in your operating system makes the backup of music files easy. There are many different backup software available that helps in the backup.

Arrange to Make Your Tracks Secure

On the artist page, download the track and save it in your system with proper arrangement. You can save it in Google drive or your system.

Spread Your Song on Multiple Social Networksmultiple social media plateforms

You can make your song widely available on different networks by posting them on multiple platforms. In this way, if one music streaming website goes down, your song will be available on other platforms. Different websites exist that allow users to upload their songs free of cost. These websites serve as a temporary storage point for promoting the music.

Stay in Touch with Followersstay in touch with followers

There are 175million users on SoundCloud that listen to music each month. After downloading and securing your music, you have to stay in touch with your followers. You can contact them with the help of emails and ask them to join you over the new platform in case you lose your SoundCloud account. In this way, you can make sure that your thousands of SoundCloud followers listen to your music and like them. This approach is suitable for evaluating your music content as well.

You can use above mentioned simple ways to protect your music in the sound cloud. All of the forms are simple and easy to perform. Protecting your music from permanent loss by employing the above methods is necessary, so do it now.

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