Prod on SoundCloud

What Does Prod Mean on SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is one of the leading audio streaming platforms loved by thousands. Users can listen as well as upload podcasts or music, thus showing their unique talents. If someone has a pro-limit account, they are eligible to be paid once exceeding 5,000 plays in the past month. One needs to work on getting hundreds of plays to go viral or simply buy SoundCloud reposts to get recognized and eventually paid.

You may have seen while playing songs; there is often prod written on it. It can confuse you about what it means and why it is written. This article will discuss in detail everything you need to know about prod.

What Does Prod Mean?Producers on SoundCloud

The word prod is simply a short form for writing producer. You may have often seen while playing songs written ‘prod by’ and them the producer’s name. This means that the following producer produces the song. Usually, the music is sung by the singer and produced by them. While sometimes, the producer and the singer can be different for some songs. The same goes for a podcast. It will have a host and a producer. The host can produce the podcast or have a different producer working behind the scenes.

Reasons for Mentioning ProdProd on SoundCloud

There are many reasons why prod is written in front of any podcast or song. Firstly, it is a rule of ethics to give credit to the producer who has taken responsibility for all the production of a song or podcast. It is mainly in the contract to provide recognition to the person behind producing the music or podcast; thus, it is necessary to mention them.

Writing prod by with a given name recognizes producers as thousands will play that song or podcast, admiring the production efforts. Many singers or people recording podcasts might choose those producers if they respect their work.

Final Words

You may have often seen prod written of many songs and podcasts and wondered what it meant. We made sure to cover all the details regarding prod so you can recognize the producer of your favorite podcast or song, so in the future, if you need a producer, you choose him/her.


Is SoundCloud good for producers?

SoundCloud is important for artists looking to get famous and is primarily known for being a fertile ground for producers.

How much do SoundCloud producers make?

SoundCloud pays almost like Spotify. A producer receiving 100 plays can get $2.50 to $4 per 100 plays.

How do Producers get noticed?

Producers get noticed by the prod written in front of your songs or from online networking and marketing as it establishes an online presence.

Are likes important on SoundCloud?

Getting likes on your track is important to keep things running smoothly. Also, likes tell your new listeners who are listening to your song whether it is worth their time or not.

How many copyright strikes can you get on SoundCloud?

Any account that has received more than two active copyright strikes can get terminated.

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