What Does Pushing p Mean on TikTok?

Social Media platforms have always been the hub of different goofy trends and exciting activities taking place. These trends have become famous because of the simple reason that everyone gets to take part in it from the comfort of their homes and any corner of the globe. Different social media platforms have different kinds of trends going on all the time. These trends help users worldwide feel like they are a part of a community and give them a sense of belonging. TikTok has been recently quite popular in bringing the most unique trends of all time. 

The trends can consist for different reasons. Some of them can just be for entertainment, and some can carry some positive messages. The trend of using the Pushing emoji carries a positive movement of promoting good things and supporting people.

The Story Behind the Pushing Emojipushing p emoji

The pushing P emoji is a Parking emoji. It had never been first used so commonly in Tik Tok or any other social media platform. So, how does it become a trend? The Pushing or the Parking emoji came in use after the song launch “Pushing P” by Gunna, Future, and Young Thug. 

The song had the phrase “pushing p” in almost every alternate sentence. The meaning of this song was not clear to anyone until Gunna started tweeting about it and explaining to her fans what it means through various examples. One of the tweets is,

“Jumpin n a person beef or situation when u dk wats goin on Not P”

This tweet and others implement that Pushing P generally means pushing positivity. In an interview in January 2022 with the Breakfast Club, Gunna stated that the P stands for Player but this confused the fans a bit more.

Nevertheless, many of the tweets in which Pushing P is used in a sentence provide a common and a deductive meaning of it being used for supporting good things and defining that pushing and supporting people for doing the right and respectful things is the new trend.

Why Did it Become a Trend?Pushung p emojis on a box

One of the reasons for the “pushing P” thing to become a trend is its almost unclear purpose and the vague explanations given by Gunna. This has left people curious, and they are psychologically urged to either find its true meaning or just make one of their own. 

The other reason this became a trend was that people use it to promote positivity. The trend works in promoting positivity and pushing people forward. 

Social Media platforms have been a source for running many campaigns. Users on social media platforms have conducted many movements. The Instagram hashtags, stories, and the Twitter wars are all well known to people all around the globe. Even world war three was somehow stopped through memes by Generation Z in 2020. Thus, using a phrase like “pushing p” that promotes positivity gets thousands of likes, followers, and shares, making it trending.

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