What does mean ratio in tiktok

What does The Ratio Mean on TikTok?

TikTok being the most popular social media app in recent times has become immensely loved, especially by the youth. It has become one of the top social media apps amongst a few others. Users, also known as TikTokers post different kinds of videos ranging from all kinds of genres showing their unique talents.

They make a video following different kinds of trends while also accepting new TikTok challenges, thus gaining TikTok likes and video views from their fans and followers. These video views further get them recognition and popularity, thus ending on the TikTok for you page.

Ratio on TikTok

ration mean on tiktok

The term is ‘ratioed’ is derived from Twitter, where if your original tweet is not popular, it might get more comments mocking are quoting different things on your tweets than it gets like.

The term being rationed is also a trendy thing on TikTok. Usually, on TikTok, if your comment has more replies to it than like, it means you have been ratioed. Due to the lack of like, more people disagree rather than agree.

Now if you see someone comment with more replies than likes it probably means they have a bad take on something and have been rationed. Being rationed also applies when you post a TikTok and t has more comments than likes. It means your TikTok is not well-liked, thus making more comments than likes.

Is the TikTok Ratio Always a Bad Thing?

TikTok ratio is not always a bad thing. Sometimes the user does ask for it. For example, a TikToker while uploading the video will ask for a 1.1 ratio, which means that they want the comments to match the number of likes and expects their audience to help them achieve that. There are also different ratios that the TikTokers want their audience to help them achieve thus not making the TikTok ratio always a bad thing.

How do You Earn on TikTok?

How do you earn from tiktok

Now many people are earning solely by being TikTok stars. Sometimes more ratios are helpful to engage with more people and become a big influencer. They have made this their profession and do not require or feel the need to work elsewhere as they earn sufficient money. While TikTok does not directly pay its users there are different ways to earn from it. Tiktokers make videos ranging from all kinds of genres.

Any business seeing popular TikTokers of the relevant genre gives their business deals to promote their product, thus earning money. For example, a person making a food-related video gets approached by a company to promote some kind of ingredient. Many businesses also make fellow TikTokers it’s brand ambassadors, treating TikTokers like any other celebrity.

How To not Get Ratioed?

While getting rationed is an unreliable thing, you can try to avoid it. Try to understand the type of content your audience wants. Accept and try new challenges and trends on TikTok that are well received by the audience to not get ratioed on your TikTok videos.

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