Skinwalker TikTok video

What is a Skinwalker TikTok?

All we know about TikTok is that every time it comes with unique and interesting trends to grab the attention of its users. Creators and influencers use these trends to make their videos more interesting and get Tiktok likes, followers, and shares. People use hashtags for different trends, and in this way, their Tiktok followers increase. Since 2016 many trends have come and gone constantly, and every time they become the most significant benefit for users and creators. 

Similar to this, one of the most popular trendy hashtags was #skinwalker, which most of the creators used and is a mystery for new Tiktokers. Let’s look at what skinwalker TikTok is and why it is most popular.

TikTok is the most exciting and popular social media app that always entertains its users with short videos belonging to different categories such as dance, fun, informative, and comedy. It allows the users to make their videos using various features such as stitch, duet, and many others. Creators are allowed to bring creativity for more TikTok followers and engagement on their accounts. 

There are more than 6600 million Tiktok video views on skinwalker hashtags. Creators use trending sounds and videos so that their TikTok followers increase. Hence it is the biggest platform to earn money through your creative videos. 

What is a Skinwalker TikTok?

Skinwalker is a harmful witch creature in Navajo culture that transforms into animals and possesses the animals and walks around in their bodies. This creature is a real threat to Navajo culture. It is said this creature is seen in evil people who manipulate magic. To draw the attention of others, it produces mimic sounds and voices. Native Americans mostly don’t talk about it as it is a terrifying figure for them.

In 2020, on TikTok, a new trend came when people started searching for skinwalkers and started photographing them.  @fire-warrior is one of these TikTok users who claimed to show this creature. His video on skinwalker contains about 620000 views. The video was of a bizarre creature with a coyote body and human legs.

The other video was of @followpeteandash, who was driving in the dark and heard a scream. He said this is the sound of a skinwalker. In another viral video of a famous TikTok user, he showed his encounter with a skinwalker.

After these viral videos, most people started making videos on these mimic sounds, and people began duetting with these videos in different ways.  Most people make videos in the dark with screaming sounds and terms such as skinwalker videos to catch users’ attention. Most people pretend to see something in fields and give the name #skinwalker.


A skinwalker is a terrifying creature that turns into an animal and possesses an animal’s body. Most of the people claimed that they had seen the beast. On TikTok, people make different videos with mimicking sounds in them and using hashtags #skinwalker. This trend became viral in 2020.

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