What is the solution for you can only use spotify in abroad for 14 days

What is the Solution For You Can Only Use Spotify in Abroad For 14 days?

Spotify is a platform that is being used by the majority of people these days but sometimes they may encounter a problem abroad or when traveling to a foreign country. In international countries there might be notification which says that you can only use Spotify abroad for 14 days. This simply means when you’re no longer in the country where you had registered your account you won’t be able to access the music of Spotify in another place or use the app simply. If your habit of using the Spotify application daily then this notification might be really annoying for you.
But there are four simple methods through which you can solve the problem through which you can still be able to have fun with Spotify

Changing the Country

Change Country on Spotify

The legal days of use of this application are over in the country when 14 days are up. So you can go to your profile and change your country after 14 days to keep using Spotify.

  • Simply go to the account page of Spotify and log in
  • Go to editing your profile
  • Click on the bar of country and from the dropdown option choose another country
  • Save your Profile

Subscription of a Premium Plan

subscription of premium plan on spotify

When the account is free then the restriction of the country is imposed by Spotify. You can listen to Spotify music anywhere if you have subscribed to the premium plan. There will be no restrictions.

  • Go to the account page of Spotify and login
  • Select the premium option which will be labelled on the top
  • Pick your Desired Plan
  • Enter the details of your account and be a part of premium plan

Change the Location of your Internet through VPN

Change the location of your internet through VPN

Your IP address shows the location. If it does not show your original country Spotify won’t work. So you can change the location of your Internet using a VPN. The restriction will not be activated once the VPN is set to your original place.

  • You must have a VPN which how was the service of your country
  • Choose the Server by Connecting to the Internet
  • Once you’re able to launch the application of Spotify you will be able to see your profile set to your own country

You can use Tuneskit to Solve your Problem

You can use Tuneskit to Solve your Problem

In order to stream the Spotify songs, the above mentioned steps require you to have a good Internet connection but there is no proper speed when people are traveling abroad or are present in foreign country.
With the help of tuneskit you were able to convert all your songs into MP3 and then transport them on your mobile phone before taking off. You can enjoy continuous streaming of music without any problem. Spotify plays, like, share is the key factor to listen to the music of the respective playlist or streaming. Spotify premium allows you access to Spotify no longer if you’re in the world, so you don’t have to think about it as long as you keep paying for your streaming from your native country when you are abroad.

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