Why Can't I Comment on YouTube?

Why Can’t I Comment on YouTube?

If you watch videos online, it’s most likely that the video is on YouTube. Since it started in 2005, YouTube has been the internet’s favorite place. The popularity of YouTube is the different types of content it has to offer. From tutorials to your favorite music video, YouTube has everything. It is the best place for content creators to experiment with their creativity. The wide variety of YouTube content helps content creators make new videos and the audience to find new interests.

YouTube has space for people who’d want to watch recipe videos and also for people to find their favorite genre of music. From Science lessons to Art History, you can gain a lot of knowledge on this platform. The YouTube algorithm works in an excellent way to make your feed more interesting for you. It shows you the videos you are actually interested in. On the other hand, if you like to make videos, YouTube is a great place for you. 

Content Creator


YouTube is the best place for content creators. YouTube can be a full-time job if you have enough subscribers to earn from your channel. The key is to express yourself and just have fun with it. Make videos engaging and entertaining. Do whatever you want because that’s what is unique about YouTube, you can record a type of video never done before and start a new trend. You can daily vlog and make your own community online and by purchasing YouTube video views. With enough shares and views, you stand out and people might want to reach you like if you do skits, some directors might be able to reach you from the internet or if you do song covers, some record companies might call you. It’s rare but if you have something to offer and express, YouTube has something to offer in return and there are many celebrities like Emma Chamberlain, Marque Brownlee, Michael Stevens, etc. who got famous by uploading videos on YouTube. 

Comment Section


The comment section is definitely a feature that sets YouTube apart. You can reach out to many people in the comment section. It’s a space for direct conversations and also a great place for constructive criticism. You can answer or ask some questions and create a community in general like making threads about topics related to that video, fan theories of a movie trailer, or some information or references related to the video. You can also find people sharing their struggles and stories in the comment section and this can help a person relate to someone. 

If you can’t comment on a YouTube video, it might be due to any of the reasons listed below. 

  1. The most common reason behind blocked comments is video creators themselves blocking the comments for spams or controversies. 
  2. The other reason could be a kid’s video as YouTube comments are blocked for by default given the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).
  3. The video creator might have individually blocked your account if you have commented something inappropriate or controversial. 
  4. It could also be because of Restricted mode on YouTube. You can turn it off by clicking on your profile.

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