Why Does Spotify Take So Long To Load?

Why Does Spotify Take So Long To Load?

Spotify is one of the leading music streaming app worldwide. The app provides a platform for the latest music from around the world. Millions of users stick with Spotify just for enjoying high-quality music. Music from different genres, artists, tracks, etc. Spotify server uses to handle millions of users, stick to it for the sack of entertainment through music streaming. Spotify also provides a premium pass that varies the services from the normally provided to every customer. Having an Appropriate and sophisticated system to keep music streaming floating, why does Spotify take so long to load?

Reasons for Loading time:

  • Longer loading time could be caused by slow internet. The bandwidth of the internet matters in streaming live music. Lower the bandwidth can prolong your waiting time. Online music is played by sending and receiving data packets.slow internet
  • It could also be your device using Android, Mac, Windows. These have different solutions to deal with. App rather offline or online usually lags when we search for an artist. It uses to disappoint the user who is using the Paid version and still they got lags.
  • There could need to update the app. Because the app needed to be Refreshed over time, so it starts to lag and create problems in various situations.
  • If the user installed the app from an unofficial source can cause this problem. The source messed up with files of Spotify so App needs to take time to respond.uninstall spotify

Solution of Loading time:

Solution to fix the load time

If there is an issue with your Internet connection so the user should have to connect his device to a better internet connection so that this problem can be eradicated.


The user should follow the steps below.

  • Go to settings
  • Find apps
  • Find for Spotify app
  • Go to storage
  • Clear cache and data
  • Restart the device

If it didn’t work then reinstall the app.


If you don’t have files hidden

  • Go to the library in the user directory
  • Go to cache folder
  • Look for com. Spotify.client
  • Open the folders storage, data, browser
  • Select All by Pressing CLT(A)
  • Delete every file in this folder but the folder remains empty.


  • Go to My PC
  • Go to C/: drive
  • Go to User\administrator\app data\local\spotifyMake-Spotify-app-faster-on-a-Windows-PC
  • Go to storage, data, browser folder
  • Delete every file except it the folders themselves.

The problem is also caused by the version of the app being used. The app should be refreshed from its server and reinstalled for a new update. Every update tries to fix as many bugs and lags as it can. 

The most problem is also caused by installing the app from an unofficial source. App installed from any sort of third-party website rather than official store or website of Spotify. These apps are messed up for different means in the user device. These third-party sources themselves install bugs in the app to gather some info from users’ devices. It is better to install the app from an authentic store or Official Spotify website so that u get rid of the problem and some other which can be caused by installing the app from a third party that uses to install bugs in apps.

You must read out the Spotify section for other helpful guides, tips, and tricks to enjoying the music and fun.

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