Why Is My Youtube Video Starting In The Middle?

Have you really needed to demonstrate to everyone a video on YouTube but wanted it ought not to start from the beginning? For instance, if you would like others to have something that occurred 6 minutes and 23 seconds into a film, you must either start from the top or tell them to pass to that place.

You might instead have shown yourself to be smart and technological by providing them a link to a video that begins exactly where needed.

In the following writing, I’ll cover three scenarios in which you might want to define a beginning place for a video on YouTube: sending a link of the video to somebody, embedding a video on YouTube on a page of the website, and leaving a comment on it as well. For video streaming, likes and views also matter. Subscribers know how to make their channel work. Here is why is my YouTube video starting in the middle?

Linking To YouTube

Linking To YouTube

Youtube is becoming a no 1 online streaming platform where all the YouTubers showing their unique content to get maximum Youtube Views and get maximum Youtube Subscribers.

You may always enter the Url from your text box and paste it into a text or email if you’re viewing a video on YouTube. If you wish to define a start time for the video, YouTube has already a feature for that. When you press the icon of “share” underneath the button of “Subscribe”, a new section will appear below it. The tab of share should now be chosen, and the direct link to the video of YouTube should be visible. Below is a small checkbox labeled “Start at,” that can be changed. Fill in the format for the beginning point given below:

For example, if a film is 1 hour 32 minutes in length, you may input 1:14:30 to start the film at 1 hour 14 minutes and 30 seconds. The given link will update, and a parameter will be appended to the bottom of the URL: “”. 

  • Keep in mind that rather than the question mark, you can append it to the usual URL that appears in your browser settings, as shown below. 
  • “” 
  • You can use the sign of hashtag plus the ampersand sign, but just for the regular URL and not the compact URL.
  • “” 
  • So, these are simply all the different ways you may forward a YouTube link and set a start time for the video. Let’s go on to the embed code.

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Embedding Codes

Embedding Codes

If you’d like your website to insert the video, go back to the icon of sharing and select the tab “embed” this time. It will just display you the needed code to copy by default, but you may select Show All to see the alternatives.

Simply the code is to be copied and place in your HTML editor once you’ve configured the settings to your taste. We must provide the initial point in the embed code using various options. Instead of?t=, &t=, or #t=, we must add?start= to the end of the URL. Instead of specifying the time in hours, minutes, and milliseconds like we did for YouTube URLs, the embed code requires us to write the time in seconds.

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