YouTube Upload Date Not Working

Why YouTube Sort By Upload Date Not Working

YouTube has been a famous video platform of Google with 2 billion monthly users, and their number is increasing every year. Several million creators are uploading their excellent content on their channels. YouTube videos get likes, comments, and subscribers who don’t want to miss any single update from their favorite creators. Among the variety of errors for the users, there is a glitch of upload date issue with the videos.

Millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube channels, and it’s a challenging task to find all the videos on YouTube immediately. Therefore, to make it easiness for the users and creators, YouTube has filter options that enable you to find the exact videos you want to find witing a specific period.

But sometimes, this filter option may face difficulty and not work correctly. This can be not very pleasant for users to filter out their desire videos during the critical period. So, we have written a detailed guide on fixing the youtube upload date filter that is not working.

Reasons For Upload Date is Not Working

There are many reasons when the YouTube video upload date filter might not work well. But the possible cause is the bug that YouTube is facing while watching videos. The best solution for fixing this bug is relatively easy.

Just open the task manager of your smartphone and close all the apps running in the background.

After cleaning the phone, refresh the browser or YouTube application that may fix that upload date issue.

  • Open the YouTube channel, and it will show the filter working well.
  • Possible ways to Fix upload date not working.
  • Another solution to this problem is clearing the data and cache of the YouTube app on your phone. The best way to do clear data is to tap on the app and remove all the app data.
  • The alternative method is to go into the setting of the phone and find the apps section.  Clean all the apps and sign in again into the YouTube channel, and it will solve the problem.

Google Search Options Solution

YouTube Upload Date Not Working Google Search Fix YouTube Upload Date Not Working

Google’s advanced search filter allows you to filter out the searches. This additional investigation tool helps the user use this feature according to the search requirements that he wants to know.

Similarly, you can also use this search filter to use as a video filter. Google has a video tab that allows you to find the videos when you type a specific search in the search box.

Type the keyword in the google box and put at the end of every video search. It will show you all the videos showing up the uploading dates of these YouTube videos.

There is another option in the search that is any time that shows the upload dates during different periods. You can select the other time duration that will show the videos depending on your set results. So, Google search can also work as an alternative method that can fix the upload date error on YouTube search filter results.

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