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Custom Comments (You have to provide comments)
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Delivery Time 1 - 24 Hr
Custom Comments (You have to provide comments)
100% Privacy Protection
Quality Subscribers
Just Video Link Required
Quality Guaranteed
Delivery Time 1 - 24 Hr
Custom Comments (You have to provide comments)
100% Privacy Protection
Quality Subscribers
Just Video Link Required
Quality Guaranteed
Delivery Time 1 - 24 Hr
Custom Comments (You have to provide comments)
100% Privacy Protection
Quality Subscribers
Just Video Link Required
Quality Guaranteed

YouTube Comments

Youtube comments are one of the factors that play role in getting views, shares, and ranking on the platform. YouTube Comments are a great way for your audience to really understand what other people are thinking about your video. They work as a support system. If your viewers comment on your videos, it sends signals to both the Youtube algorithm and people, that make your content worthwhile.

If you need Buy YouTube Comments A popular video may have thousands of likes and views, but fans can engage and build a sense of community around your channel in the comment section. Our YouTube Custom Comments service allows you to create unique video comments to build the overall appearance of your channel.

One of the best engagements you can have over YouTube videos is through comments. It can play a definitive role when we talk about a channel and its growth. Getting good comments is as important as views. While a view may not tell you much about your content, a good comment can certainly say a lot. Therefore, having comments on YouTube channels matters and for that, you can consider buying YouTube comments.

Know Your Fanbase With YouTube Comments

Having more comments can tell a lot about a channel. It stamps on the fact that the content is engaging. However, getting a comment is really tough and people generally see a video and move to the next one without even thinking about it. The two primary ways to get comment is by gaining popularity among people or having extremely powerful content that forces individuals to leave a comment. However, YouTubers, especially those who are just starting out, struggle a lot with these two methods.

Also, good comments work wonderfully as feedback. You get to know how good is your content and what are some positives and negatives of it. GramBulk can help your channel grow by providing you a chance to buy YouTube comments and views. It gives a boost to your comments section and encourages other individuals to leave feedback as well.

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Buying YouTube Comments Increases Your Fanbase

As you buy comments for YouTube channels, it encourages other individuals to comment on your content. It is known as the snowball effects. As you roll it on, the snowball will get bigger and bigger and the same will be the case with your comments section. With more comments, you can get the right feedback and a detailed overview for your channel which is absolutely necessary for any creator. It helps in knowing where you stand and what should be done to make the content better.

Why should A Youtuber Invest In It?

Being a YouTuber, buying views and comments for YouTube, may appear as an investment. However, it is an investment worth doing as it helps your channel grow to a great extent. The comments give positive signals to the YouTube algorithm and increase its organic reach. Moreover, it assists in making the video successful by having more engagement in it. With more successful videos, you can become a successful YouTuber with a properly established channel that creates a decent passive income stream for you.

Buy youtube comments

How Does It Work?

The buying process is fairly simple. Here is a guide to it:

  • You need to select the package of your choice
  • Then, you need to provide a link to your video as required
  • Proceed to check out and make the payments
  • Soon the comments will be delivered to your videos
  • Note: we do not ask for password to proceed


Why Buy It From GramBulk?

When you are about to buy such services, the biggest problem is the authenticity of the provider. GramBulk has an established reputation and many satisfied customers. We provide safe and secure payments to our customers and we have established such a process that does not require any password from our users.

5 Appealing Benefits To Buy YouTubeComments

There are many reasons why one should consider buying YouTube comments. These include:

Better Video Performance

Comments contribute to engagement and videos with higher engagement are valued by YouTube’s algorithm. Therefore, with more comments, your video ends up performing better.

Higher Reach

With more comments, your video is displayed and suggested to more and more people. Thus, you get a higher reach and your content will have more watch time.

Authority For Your Channel

Views may help you with watch time and aid your channel in growing. However, if you wish to establish authority, nothing may do it better than the comments.

Better Engagement Leads To Better Sponsorship

As the marketing giants see you getting engagement and they find more and more people speaking about your content, they are likely to offer you sponsorship. Brands prefer channels that have an active community around them.

Encourages More Comments and Proper Feedback

When you kickstart your videos and buy custom YouTube comments, you end up catching the eyes of more and more individuals. It encourages people to leave more comments and give you proper feedback regarding your content.

Stream Your Videos On YouTube

Streaming your videos on YouTube can get you recognition that many people dream about. It is a giant video database, a search engine for videos, a platform where you can share your content with people. With YouTube, you are just one viral video away from fame and recognition.

How Long Does It Take?

Mostly, as you buy YouTube video comments, the delivery process starts as soon as the payment gets confirmed. The rest of the delivery time depends on the choice of package as we have to moderate the process and deliver the comments naturally.

Do I Have A Guarantee?

We look up to delivering exceptional YouTube services to our clients. You can get an idea regarding the quality of services by taking a look at what our clients say about us. We strive hard to maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence.


Are these comments from real accounts?

The comments we deliver to you as you buy comments YouTube are authentic looking and will be visible on your videos.

Will people know about buying Youtube comments?

We focus on the privacy of our customers and we assure you that no one gets to know who is dealing with us and what are they buying.

Can I get banned by YouTube for buying comments?

We work hard on maintaining the highest standards and supply the comments naturally which helps us in minimizing such risks.

How will it increase my fanbase?

It can help you in getting higher reach and more video views that ultimately gets you more recognition and a bigger fanbase.

What are the payment methods?

There are different payment methods including visa, mastercard, and Paypal. You can choose the one you prefer.

Can I get comments on a new video?

Yes. You can get comments on any video you like. Just buy YouTube comments and share the video on which you want the comments.

Can I buy YouTubeviews as well?

GramBulk offers you a chance to buy YouTube views, comments, and subscribers all under one umbrella.

Can I get a special package for views, subscribers, and likes combined?

You can always contact the customer support as we are open to custom offers and packages.

More incredible YouTube services

Along with the comments you can also buy YouTube views and subscribers. The services are very helpful for beginners who want to become influencers and are searching for ways to kickstart their channels. You get views and engagement upfront that can assist you in growing at a rapid pace. With more reach, your channel will have a bigger footprint and greater influence on the community.

Buy YouTube Comments
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The Importance Of Comments

So Building a loyal, active audience community is a sure way to build a successful YouTube channel. Sometimes, however, viewers may be shy that they are the first to post. Increase your rank by increasing your commitment and buy video comments!

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Quality With Gram Bulk

The number of factors, including the number of comments your videos receive, determine your ranking on YouTube. We offer YouTube Comments of the highest quality on the market, providing a variety of options for any need or For many years, we have delivered our services, which means that your comments are posted instantly and delivered quickly.

Everything that boosts the credibility and value of your job can only be useful in the universe of social signals. It’s the classic case on YouTube to use stuff like Views, Likes, Shares, and so one for your benefit. But there is a unique type of social proof that can have more power than all these combined signals. So buy Youtube Custom Comments.

YouTube Comments have a completely more significant amount of engagement and impact. The reason is that Comments provide a chance for the corresponding user to share their comprehensive views and ideas with the globe. Instead of leaving an easy like, by leaving a custom comment, they create debate and engage others. Therefore, buying YouTube Comments is tap into favorable PR’s unlimited strength.

Why Buy Custom YouTube Comments?

IN An ideal world, anyone watching your job would leave a remark as well. You might actually attract 100,000 views and end up with zero Comments. Since there are no guarantees, buying YouTube Comments to set the wheels in motion might be in your interest. You capitalize on the chance to say anything you want to say about your videos when you purchase YouTube comments.

Buying from a trusted source custom YouTube comments imply, respectively, gaining full control over their content. Say something pleasant, say something contentious or maybe say something adverse about the job of somebody else. But purchase a reputable vendor’s custom YouTube Comments, and the findings could be exceptional.

Is it Safe to Buy YouTube Comments?

You don’t want to publish the fact that you chose to purchase YouTube Comments for apparent reasons. Although this is a comparatively prevalent practice these days, in some circles it is still frowned upon. As such, if you’re going ahead buying YouTube Comments, it’s up to you to make sure they’re 100% genuine and supplied 100% organically.

Buy Youtube comments from genuine people help to increase trust in your video. As you know, obviously It looks suspect that videos without comments. Video with comments boost your video, and you want your video look realistic.

Nowadays we can see some of the videos on YouTube has 20,000 views 100 like but no comment. When you look at the video, it strikes you in the eyes and at the same time reduces trust in videos (product, service, channel and any other material). By buy real Youtube comments from various users with a realistic time frame, you can boost trust. It shows people how engaging your content is and increases confidence. That’s why it is so essential to buy comments for Youtube comment.

Another factor for commenting on a video is ranking. Youtube consider so many signals to rank a video. Comments are one of them. These days it a very time consuming and hard to rank your video without comments. So what you are waiting to buy Youtube comment and get the result you expect.